Terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all products and services we provide (Laura Gardner Design Studio Ltd) to yourselves, and in any event of dispute are governed by the laws of England. All work is carried out by us on the understanding that you have agreed to our terms and conditions. Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in legal action.

1. Quotes, invoices and payment

All quotes/ estimates are valid for 30 days from the date of submission. Quotes/estimates are based on information provided by you. Prices may be subject to change should your requirements change at any time. You will be notified in advance of any price changes before any extra work is undertaken. Charges for design services to be provided by us will be set out in the written estimate or quotation that is provided to the customer. At the time of your signed acceptance of this estimate or quotation, indicating acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, a non-refundable payment of 50% of the quoted fee will become immediately due. The remaining 50% of the project total will be invoiced and due upon completion of the project prior to delivery to you. Any elements additional to the original scope covered in the package or quotation will incur an extra fee that you will be made aware of in advance. All work remains copyrighted to us until settlement of relevant fee account. A rejection fee equal to your deposit is applicable on all designs executed by us should you cancel your contract/order at any time. Any invoice queries must be submitted by email within 14 days of the invoice date. Accounts which remain outstanding for 30 days after the date of invoice, will incur a late payment interest charge at the Bank of England Base Rate plus 8% on the outstanding amount from the date due until the date of payment. All payments are to be made via bank transfer, details of which can be found on your invoice. Final publication and/or release of work carried out by us on behalf of yourself, may not take place before cleared funds have been received.

2. Design Approval

Should you provide text/artwork, we are not obliged to edit, check, or guarantee the correctness thereof in any way whatsoever, and the end product will be made at the entire risk of yourself. It is your responsibility to check any proofs, or work sent by us for your approval carefully. After approval you shall have no claim against us for errors in the exemplar as approved by them. We will not include in its designs, any text, images or other data which we deem to be immoral, offensive, obscene or illegal. This is at our sole discretion.

3. Project Scope and Completion

The scope of the work provided by us is limited to the work detailed in the quote provided or package selected. Any stated timescale is reliant on you providing all required information/copy/approval/feedback in a timely manner. Final files due to you 30 days from the signing of these terms and conditions. Any indication given by us of a design project’s duration is to be considered by you to be an estimation. We cannot be held responsible for any project over-runs, whatever the cause. Estimated project duration should be deemed to be from the date that cleared funds are received by us for the initial payment or by date confirmed in writing by us. We consider the design project complete upon receipt of your signed Approval form or sign-off email. Other services such as printing etc. contracted on your behalf constitute a separate project and will be treated as a separate charge. We reserve the right to sub-contract the fulfilment of an order or any part thereof.

4. Ownership

Origination and/or conceptual work and any copyright subsiding therein shall remain the property of us, unless otherwise agreed in writing with yourself. If a choice of designs are presented and one is chosen for your project, only that solution is deemed to be given by us as fulfilling the contract. All other designs remain the property of us, unless specifically agreed in writing. Once a project is fully paid for by you, and has been delivered to you by us, we will assign the reproduction rights only of the design. Any modification carried out to designs created by us without prior written consent will be in breach of these terms and conditions. The rights to all design and artwork, including but not limited to photography, and or illustration created by independent photographers, artists or illustrators commissioned by us, or purchased from an agency on behalf of yourself, remain with the individual designer, artist, photographer or illustrator or their agents. We reserve the right to photograph and/or distribute or publish for our promotional and marketing needs any work created, including roughs, visuals, mock-ups and presentations, as samples, in brochures, presentations and websites and for entry for awards. We will endeavour to store files on computer disks for a period of 6 months beyond the delivery of a project, however, this is not guaranteed, thereupon we reserve the right to discard the files without notice.

5. Force Majeure

We shall be under no liability if we are unable to carry out any provision of the contract for any reason beyond our control including (without limiting the foregoing) Act of God, legislation, war, fire, flood, drought, failure of power supply, lock-out, strike or other action taken by employees in contemplation or furtherance of a dispute or owing to any inability to procure materials required for the performance of the contract. During the continuance of such a contingency you may, by written notice to us, elect ‘to terminate the contract and pay for work done and materials used’, but subject thereto shall otherwise accept delivery when available.