Homelab (DK)

From sticky slime to solar systems created from rubber bands, this children's science
experiment book contains 28 super experiments for children to carry out at home.



I was the design lead on DK's Homelab, one of my favourite projects to date! It was completely different to anything I had done before. Lots of mess and fun developing these experiments and making them appealing for children! This project also included art directing the photo shoots, illustration, and a LOT of problem solving!


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*Homelab won the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2017*

Science isn’t just a theoretical study, but it’s actually for young people to get their hands stuck in, ask questions and find out what’s going on in the world around them. Home Lab contains wonderful experiments - I have done some with school children I work with and they have really enjoyed them. I think it’s very important to show that science is not just done in a laboratory and it isn’t only studied at university – you can do it yourself and it quite simple ways and with simple materials. The book has very easy to follow instructions, which anyone can follow. It’s interactive and I think it’s important to have that element in the shortlist.
— Royal Society judge